Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation 

Our team of expert physical therapists will design a program specific to your injury and guide you through it. We work one on one with our patients to ensure the highest quality of care the ability to modify and adjust your treatment each session. Our physical therapists are experts in manual therapy and use a variety of treatments including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, kinesiotaping and modalities as needed to address your problem. Our doctors are also specialists in strength & conditioning, women's health, IASTM, FRC, ROCKTAPE, and certified functional strength coaches, CFSC.  

The youth athlete is one of our primary patient populations. Injuries are common in youth athletes. They are often caused by overtraining/overuse or specialization to sport at a young age. We are passionate about helping our young athletes rehabilitate from their injury and get back to their sport, hobby of choice. We are also passionate about educating our patients on how to move better stay strong and implement warm ups and stretching programs to reduce injury risk. 

Foot/ankle injuries are common in dancers. Physical therapy focuses on improving strength in the lower body and mobility in the hip and ankle. In addition, dancers often do not participate in a strength programmed therefore have muscle imbalances and movement dysfunctions. Implementing a strength program for maintenance is a priority in our programming for our dancers to reduce injury risk in the future.