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EPISODE 9: Wrapping Up 2020 - Celebrating Successes with San Pedro Physical Therapy

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

We wanted to take this time to reflect and be thankful for this AMAZING year. Although we have faced incredible challenges this year, we were able to continue helping people get pain free and stronger. We have helped so many patients reach their goals this year! It has simply been amazing.

We also want to THANK all the patients who stuck with us at home and joined us through TELEHEALTH in an effort to continue PT. This was a learning curve for us but we were able to successfully perform our services and give our patients the care they deserve.

We are so very GRATEFUL for our patients, team and staff. This blog is a shout out to the amazing patients, coaches, athletes, and our community, whom all believe in what we do, and have dedicated their time to support and trust us.

We would like to walk you all through some of the great things that happened in 2020 and what's to come.

Here are some of our most memorable moments helping patients this year:

Dr. P

#1 Helping terrible disc bulges return to pain free activity and back to powerlifting & olympic lifting.

#2 Returning a chronic plantar fasciitis patient (more complicated than that) back to running!

#3 Telehealth moment: Returning a chronic shoulder dis-locator back to ballet, all via the web!!

#4 Helping clients young and old: 92 year old patient doing a plank! 84 yr old patient squatting and lunging

Dr. B

#1 Returning two amazing gymnasts back to gymnastics- one from a horrible back injury & the other from an ankle fracture

#2 Rehabbing some of our favorite ACL patients back to sport, Martial Arts and Football

#3 Returning my concussion patients back to sport- one a high school basketball player back to sport to receive a full ride to college and the other a youth gymnast back to gymnastics

#4 Getting a soccer player through a bad hamstring injury and back to professional soccer tryouts

And then there is the programs we work with and support!

#1 Summer Strength & Conditioning with HCE (Home Court Edge) Basketball Program

#2 Summer Strength & Conditioning w/San Pedro City Ballet

#3 Getting back on the field with Invictus Feminae Athletic Club

#4 Partnering with a local Youth Football program and providing injury screenings and warm ups

Favorite Con Ed Courses we took:

Dr. Brown

- APTA @Denver

-"Train Smarter and Harder" - Tim Gabbett

- CALU Summit by @Clinical Athlete

Dr. P

- IKN: Integrated Kinetic Neurology

- CALU Summit by @Clinical Athlete

Things we missed:

#1 Seeing our staffs and patients lovely faces daily covered by masks

#2 Being on the field for games, practices and performances

#3 Fight Days with our Favorite Boxer George Navarro

Things we had fun doing:

#1 Team outing at one of our Fav patients house on the beach in Palos Verdes.

#2 Team lunches and monthly staff meetings

#3 Media Days

#4 Lunch Workouts

Employees that joined our team:

#1 Dr. Maile Bay- Physical Therapist, specializes in dance injuries, dancer, strength & conditioning coach, orthopedic specialist

#2 Carissa Chu- Physical Therapy Aide, EMT, former gymnast and current gymnastics coach

And LASTLY our Goals for 2021...

#1 Continue to support our local community with performance enhancement, injury prevention and education.

#2 Build an environment to support our growth as a business and staff.

#3 Re-locating...YES! We are looking for a bigger space for our team to operate in as we have grown tremendously in the last couple of years. Stay tuned for deets!

#4 More Blogs, Videos, Discussion and information to share with our followers

#5 New certifications and courses to contribute to our growth specialty

#6 Strength & Conditioning & Mobility Classes for athletes of all ages.

We welcome 2021 with open arms and once again THANK YOU for your support, comments, LIKES, and contributions to our success.

Yours in strength & love,

Dr. Brown & Dr. P

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