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Physical Therapy 
in San Pedro

Sports & Orthopedic

Injuries are common in athletes. They occur both in practice and 

competition days.

We provide 

rehabilitation services to athletes of all levels focused on restoring strength and returning the athlete back to sport  or recreational activity. In addition, we focus on improving movement mechanics and reducing muscle imbalances that occur from overtraining to sport.  

StrenGTH & 

Strength & Conditioning is essential for athletes to improve movements mechanics, develop power & speed as well as reduce injuries on the field and in practice. We provide in & out of season strength conditioning sessions for our athletes. This can be 1-1, in a small group or with the whole team. We have partnered with ALL Fit Gym in San Pedro to create this program and training takes place there. 

Dance physical therapy

Dancers often do not participate in a strength program, which may lead to muscle imbalances and movement dysfunctions. Implementing a strength program for maintenance is a priority in our programming for our dancers to reduce injury risk in the future.


Our team of experts are trained to diagnose an acute Concussion from the time of injury and guide our patients through the proper  rehabilitation program. We provide daily support & communication to our patients. We are also able to clear our athletes back to sport. In addition, we treat Post Concussion Syndrome. 

Game day

Athletes play with minor injuries and often times need assistance with preparation on Game Day. We provide stretching, taping, and warm up assistance on Game Day. In addition we provide on the field injury assessments, including concussion clearance on Game Day.  

physical therapy one on one

Our goal is to empower our patients through education and training. When we are injured we need to listen to our body. This means that we avoid activities that aggravate our injury while continuing to move. For each injury and each person this may look a little different. Our team of highly trained therapists will help guide & support you through this process.  

Stretching is an important part of preparation for rehabilitation and sport. We need to be equally flexible and as we are strong. Our programs include a combination of static and dynamic stretching. Both are very important for movement preparation. 

stretching and rehab
move better mobility

Move Better 

 Poor biomechanics are commonly caused by imbalances in strength and mobility. They can occur at any single body joint and resultantly affect the other joints or part as well. Poor alignment can result in abnormal walking, instability and pain in the body. 

get strong

Get Strong 

The only way to get better is to get strong. When you are strong your body is resilient. Our programs focus on getting you moving by building capacity in your body. We believe our body is highly resilient and can do more than we think it can. Strength is key!

improve stability

Improve Stability 

 Pilates has been shown to be beneficial in rehabilitation including treating sports injuries and improving over all sports performance. It is a great method to improve stability and control in the body. 

reduce pain

Reduce Pain

Sometimes our body needs support to start moving. We provide hands on therapy when we believe it will support our patients ability to move. We believe movement is key but pain is something that can block us from moving initially with an injury. 

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