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EPISODE 17: Reflecting on 2021 - A Year in Review in San Pedro Physical Therapy

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Oh 2021. Where did you go? Is it just me or did 2021 sweep by and pass through like a lightening rod? Where did it go? As I was pondering wrapping up this year I thought to myself...what did I even do this year? It almost feels like nothing BIG if I don't really think about it. We have all been in survival mode. We have been living in the unknown of what might happen and how it will impact us. Covid -19 has really thrown us all for a loop.

As the owner of Physical Therapy San Pedro, a wife to an amazing record label owner/producer and mother to one incredible high school senior and a faithful Christian, I have had a lot on my plate this year. Continuing to thrive and be successful in all areas of my life has been my focus.

My accomplishments this year:

Personally- My Family is healthy, safe and progressing. We had Covid-19 last year, with mild symptoms and we are well. We also have had a lot more intimate time this year, which I believe brought us closer and helped us regain focus on what is really important in life. Sometimes you need a Pandemic to shake up your world and give you perspective. No? okay maybe it's just my thinking then.


Boss Lady Things: Physical Therapy San Pedro Grew in 2021! No only did we survive it, but we moved into a 5,500 sq foot new location in downtown San Pedro merging with ALL FIT Gym in San Pedro and added 2 new employees- Kristin Clothey, PTA, and Antoinette Garcia our Front Desk Receptionist. I was also able to retain a consultant who has been the biggest blessing helping me manage and grow the business. What A BLESSING!

Clinically - For a portion of this year I moved back into the clinical lead role again while Dr. P was out on maternity leave. This was a challenge! Running a business and leading this area was a lot but I made it through.

Some my favorite patient cases this year include:

  • high school soccer players who had a bad hamstring injury and returned back to pay for his team for a championship tournament which they won,

  • our twin softball player sisters who both tore their ACL's and underwent ACL reconstructions - one right knee, the other left, who rehabbed their knees together.

  • our high school basketball players with patellar tendinopathy who returned back to their sports

Favorite Things I Did in 2021: The World's strongest man competition had to be by far the best thing I did clinically in 2021. Working with strongman Martins Licis, for 4 months and traveling with him to Austin, Tx for the the Rogue Invitational 2021 Strongman competition was such an incredible experience. Witnessing him compete alongside these other amazing competitors and supporting his injuries and rehab was just so cool. The icing on the cake was seeing him win the 2021 Rogue Invitational Strongman competition. Some other of my favorite things we did as a clinic this year were support our Women's Professional Soccer Team, Invicitus Feminae on the sideline with injury support and in clinic, Support the San Pedro City Ballet & The Dance Factory Schools with Free Injury Clinics and Strength & Conditioning Classes, begin a strength & conditioning class for student athletes, support our martial arts academy Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu at a tournament hosted locally called subs on the, record monthly blog post discussions and IG Live Q &A's. We updated our website and media with some great videos and photos and created a company video that will soon be released!!

So many great things happened in 2021. It can seem like we were in survival mode but stop before the year ends and take the time to reflect on the GOOD things that happened and how you made it through!!

Then set some goals for 2022 and smash them! I am working on my goals as we speak! Stay Tuned! See you all in 2022!!

Yours in Strength,

Dr. Ja'nae Brown

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