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EPISODE 27: Farewell to 2022: Highlights and Lessons Learned with San Pedro Physical Therapy

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

2022...where did you go! It feels like I say this every year now! Time flies by when you're having fun :) So much GREAT has happened this year!

Each year we try and reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly that year and set new goals for the following year as a team. This year has definitely been full of changes for our team! First off we lost one of my favorite people, Dr. Nicole Palermo (Dr.P) , as she headed out to start a new life up in Stockton with her family and we gained out very first male Physical Therapist, Dr. Daisuke Saiki (aka Dr. D). Dr. D came on with 5 years of experience in sports physical therapy as a CSCS and his martial arts background. He has helped us create support for the Martial Arts community.

If I am being honest, change is never easy. I think we stay at the same job, keep going to the same doctors, and even training at at the same gyms even though we are unhappy because most of us hate change!! WHY?! Having the courage to make a change and step out on faith is extremely hard. But If you can pull yourself together and step out on faith it can often times be very very rewarding. Sometimes we have to make changes we don't want to make and that can also be incredibly hard. But the reality is, we can really do anything we set our minds to. Dr. P was an incredible loss but Dr. D has been an incredible gain. Everything has its season! Someone smart sang about that!

Dr. Bay went out on maternity leave and she brought new life into the world. A bouncing beautiful babygirl, Amelia! Dr. Bay was still inspiring us through her pregnancy and all the way up to having her little girl by staying fit and exercising. She showed us that you can be pregnant, kick box, lift weights and have a safe and healthy delivery.

While DBAY was out on leave, we brought on Dr. Sandoval to help us cover patient care. Another USC grad like her so she approved! Dr. Sandoval brought us his expertise in treating vestibular conditions and interest in concussions and the brain as it relates to sports and the athletic population. He is also a certified strength & conditioning specialist. We like strength coaches :)

In addition to these changes in staffing we have gained and lost some amazing PT Aides who have gone off the PT school. We definitely miss Carissa & Joanna but we are also excited about some of our new staff: Jillian, Kristeen & Darius!! We added a new front desk receptionist ! Jessica has been an incredible support to our team while Antoinette went out on maternity to bring another sweet babygirl into the world, Mila! We have two new babies to add the the PTSP fam this year!

We hosted a ROCKFLOSS/ ROCKPODS course this year at our new center. This was a great course and we had an awesome instructor! Dr. Brown traveled with strongman, Martins Licis, to 3 competitions this year: the Arnold Strongman Competition in Ohio(1st place), Worlds Strongest Man(2nd place) in Sacramento and The Rogue Invitational (4th place) in Roundrock, Texas. The PTSP team sponsored the Women's WPSL soccer team, FC premier, volunteering injury support at their home games. Dr. Bay and the PTSP team also instructed monthly dance classes at San Pedro City Ballet & The Dance Factory, two of our local Dance Company's. Dr. Brown & Rachel spearheaded weekly injury support fo the USA cycling team at their indoor track at the Velo Center in the Dignity Sports Complex. We also began offering weekly Mobility classes and Strength Training classes for the Martial Arts community. We have done a lot of new things this year!

Erica has continued to lead our Student Athlete Strength & Conditioning Course. She does a wonderful job making sure our student athletes stay strong, fit and reduce injury risk. She also stepped in big time to help us with social media marketing when Carissa left us! Thank God for that. All the cool emails and flyers you see around our center were coming from Carissa but since August that has been ALL ERICA!

We have loved working alongside the ALLFIT Gym staff this year. They are such a fun group and we inspire each other to keep moving and take care of our bodies!

What does 2023 have in store for us? I don't yet know. In January, we sit down as a team and plan for the year. We pick courses we want to take, figure out ways to be better for our clients and ways we can support each other professionally and personally. We think about ways different ways we can support our community and the athletic community in San Pedro and the South Bay area! So Stay Tuned My Friends!

One thing I do know is that we are grateful for all of YOU. Thank you for inspiring us. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for trusting us with our knowledge and your care.

We hope and pray that you sit down, reflect on 2022, set goals for 2023 and continue to focus on growing into the best version of yourself in this world.

We hope you have enjoyed journeying with us in 2022!


Dr. Ja'nae Brown & The PTSP Team

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