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EPISODE 21: Small Wins: Rewiring Your Mind for Big Success

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We all want the BIG wins. We want that Squat PR. We want to hit that Quadruple Pirouette. We want to make multiple three point shots in a game. We want to strike out the batter. We want to take down our opponent. We want that TKO. We want to win the competition or match. We want ALL the BIG STUFF.

What about the SMALL STUFF? What are you doing to make sure the BIG STUFF feels good? What are you doing in your training to make sure that your body feels good during your sprint or 100 Backstroke?

Here is the thing. We ask a lot of our bodies in training. Some more than others. But to be able to win every time or set records, or participate in 5 practices and 2 games a week, our body needs to feel good. We are asking a lot.

If you don't feel good in-between or during practices, games, competitions or matches it is likely you are not doing the small stuff.

Small Stuff:

- Stability

- Mobility

- Flexibility

- Unilateral training

- Open Kinetic Chain Exercises

- Jump Training

- Agility, Speed, Power Training

- Strength Training

- Recovery - Sleep, Nutrition, Mental Health

This is your small stuff. Your BIG STUFF is your sport, your events, your performance. Look at this list and ask yourself "am I doing the things necessary to keep my body feeling strong, mobile, stable, flexible." Likely you can look at this list and point out at least one thing you are missing.

The GREATEST athletes and "least likely to be injured" do these things. Lebron James. Kobe Bryant. Misty Copeland. Martins Licis. Anderson Silva. Michael Phelps, Tom Brady.

If you want longevity in your sport and you want your body to feel good in your training, you gotta do the SMALL STUFF. If you don't know how to how to do these things, get some help. Invest in yourself. Put time into learning. These are ALL options and there are a lot of people who want to help.

Yours in strength,

Dr. Brown, Dr. Bay, Dr. D & Kristin

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