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EPISODE 11: The Physical Therapist Behind San Pedro Physical Therapy

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

HI! If you have been following us for any amount of time you might know a little bit about who we are. We have had a lot of growth and changes in the last couple of months so we wanted to reintroduce ourselves to you and let you know a little bit about what makes our Physical Therapy Center a little different from most.

I am Dr. Brown. I am the owner of Physical Therapy San Pedro. I oversee the business in addition to the clinical care. I opened PTSP 4 years ago with a vision to be exceptional in the world of injury and rehab. My goal was to deliver quality care and be an advocate for health and wellness our community. I was not sure what that was going to look like at that time, but what it has turned into is me leading an awesome team of smart, strong resilient women. Together we strive to treat and train every patient we have like an athlete (although many are) and be the encourager and support they need in the healing process.

We are definitely not your typical clinic! We are 1-1 with patients. We are out of network with insurance. We are all athletes ourselves and strive to be active daily and take care of our bodies. This past month we moved locations and we are now in a Sports Performance Center. This change has given us access to more equipment, more space to work with our athletes and turf so we can do running drills and sled work. We also provide several services in our center including group classes, 1-1 training, nutritional support, and we are working to bring massage therapy and chiropractic care into our center as well.

We have 3 doctors in our practice at this time, all physical therapists. We are unique and each bring different specialties and skills sets to the team. We also have physical therapy aides, whom all have their BS in science with a goal to one day be PT's. Each of them also bring valuable skills to the team. One played basketball, the other softball, one was a rower and lastly we a gymnast. One of them was also an EMT. We are super skilled over here!

I played basketball back in my day and I was also a cheerleader at one point. (This is why I so good at encouraging my patients and staff- I mean that is what Cheerleaders do right?) I also am a Concussion specialist, ROCKTAPE certified, Pilates Certified and a Strength Coach. I bring the most experience to the team, as I have been treating patients for now 16years and I have worked in most settings. I have also been in management leading and overseeing teams. I love being a PT- it is truly the greatest job ever. My goal is to get my patients back to the sports, recreational act's, they love to do and teach them how to take care of their bodies over their lifetime. We are resilient beings. I want my patients to know this so they never fear injury.

Hello everyone! If you don't know me by now I am Dr. P ! I am super passionate about giving my patients the tools to thrive and be independent in managing their own injury and recovery process! I am a SoCal native with lots of soccer experience but my passion is really in the weight room. My hopes as a PT is to help every patient find their inner athlete and to provide them with the right tools to be strong, mobile and physically capable to take on anything they would like throughout the stages of their lives. My specialties include: Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Strength Coach (CFSC), Women's Pelvic Health and post-partum return to exercise. Goals mean everything here at PTSP! This is probably the most unique quality that I love and appreciate about this place. If you have goals we LISTEN and try to make it the focus of your treatment and recovery process. We have a wide variety of knowledge bases that can help formulate a well rounded program for any patient and athlete from olympic weightlifting to running to dance we have you covered! The philosophies we have are simple...restore movement, increase quality of movement, maximize strength and educate. You should leave a session with us feeling challenged, listened too and understanding why we chose to do what we did that day... processes like these make for longer lasting change for the individual and ensure long term results.

Hi everyone! I am Dr. Bay. I sought out to join the PTSP team to have the chance to work with athletes, especially dancers. In the last few years I have been gearing my practice towards specialization in dance medicine really hoping to combine my passions with my profession. My background in dance is what drove my interest in becoming a physical therapist. I am San Pedro born and raised. I studied Physical Therapy at USC. I am also a certified strength and conditioning specialist by NSCA, a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. In my practice I utilize Functional Manual Therapy to improve my patients' mobility and follow this up with corrective exercises, some of my favorite tools are Pilates, Yoga, TRX, KB, and use BFRT. A treatment at PTSP is very unique. Our staff is full of talented professionals and our team works well utilizing each of our specialties together to help every patient to reach their goals. We practice what we preach, continuing to train at high levels ourselves, I personally think I should be able to do anything I would ask a patient to do. I'm really enjoying the extra time I get to spend with each patient, the movement portion of each session is the most important and getting to see that each patient can get the necessary cues and correction to succeed is amazing. Most importantly, when you are here in the clinic it is fun, you can tell everyone loves what they are doing and the passion to heal is evident.

We hope you got to know us a little better! Tune in to our IG page, FB page, and future blogs & blog discussions. We plan to bring you awesome content!

Yours in strength,

Dr. Brown, Dr. P, and Dr. Bay

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