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EPISODE 6: Training Like a Pro - Unleashing Your Athletic Abilities

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

If you want to see results you need to put in the work. Athletes are fit, strong, and healthy. In order to perform well they need to eat healthy foods, get the proper amount of rest, and commit to their training and workouts. Because they do this, they LOOK good and they FEEL good.

No matter when you stopped playing your sport, you never want to stop training like an athlete. The athlete mentality is focused on achieving goals and taking care of the body. It is committed to hard work. Athletes can achieve anything they set there mind to.

Here are some ways you can Train Like An Athlete:

1) Shift your mindset:

Consider working out as "Training". Training for (_____) --you fill in the blank. Here are some good examples: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Running/Marathon, being able to carry your baby, being able to get off the floor without help etc. You should train for everyday aspects of life so you can be better at the everyday stuff. If you are "training" for something then you automatically have a different mindset towards working out. Working out can be less of a task. Focus on becoming a better version of yourself: a better runner, a stronger mom, a fit teacher, the impressive dad etc. Athletes train with a goal in mind. They desire to be better, stronger and faster than their competition.

Leave the mindset of "working out to lose weight and get into the mindset of working out to train for life!"

2) Schedule your training days: Make a plan for SUCCESS!

You can't wake up each day "hoping" to get a work out in. You need to plan. Write out your workouts for the week. Incorporate in strength training, cardio, flexibility/mobility work. Plan out where you are working out at, i.e., home workout, running at the beach, class at the gym, hike, etc. This will set you up for success. We all need to do be doing this!

3) Challenge yourself:

Athletes and coaches know that you won't be better if you don't push yourself past your limits. This is true for all of us. Don't get stuck in the same routine with the same weights or bands or exercises you've been doing for years...push yourself! Some days you need to train faster, push more weight or learn something new. Take a new class, learn a new method of exercises. That's how you will keep growing and getting an Athlete does.

4) Put healthy things in your body

Being a great athlete is not only about what you do physically. It is also about what you put in your body. The saying "you are what you eat" rains true. If you put healthy, nutritious foods in your body then you will perform well. You need vitamins. Minerals. A healthy ratio of macros (protein, carbs and fats) and you must stay hydrated! When training for life you need to eat like its game day!

5) Recover well

Your body needs rest. Rest is when your body recovers, heals and builds that muscle! The best athletes in the world have planned rest days and they make sure to sleep 8-10 hrs when training hard. Other solid ways of recovering include: taking a warm epsom salt bath, getting a massage, stretching, taking a light walk outside, meditating, resting on the couch and watching some good movies! If your training like an athlete, believe us body and mind will need it!

Athlete at any age

Remember you can be an athlete at any age and it is never too late to start. Be consistent, train with a purpose, train smart and recover well! Happy Training!

Yours in Strength,

Dr. Janae Brown and Dr. Nicole Palermo

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