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EPISODE 3: Physical Therapy - Empower Your Body through Continuous Movement

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You might have seen our hashtags on our social media posts that say "Keep Moving." Why do we care so much if you keep exercising?

Well friends... we care because if you keep moving and exercising, especially in times of uncertainty, you are less likely to have pain and more likely to feel good, reduce stress and keep your body healthy.

We know that right now is a stressful time. Most of the country is still quarantined in their homes. People are being told to limit outdoor time. Gyms are closed. Beaches, hiking trails and outdoor activities have been restricted. Sports have been indefinitely cancelled. Most of us get our physical activity in by participating in one or more of these things. When they are stripped away, not only do we lose doing what we love to do, but we also how we get our exercise in.

In the beginning I think a lot of us thought this was going to be more temporary than it actually has been. It appears, that at least in California, our quarantine time might go on a little longer (we are hopeful that it won't). You may have thought, well...I can't do what I love (play my sport, go to my gym or take my class) so I guess I am stuck and I won't do anything for now. Well-here we are 6 weeks later!

If you follow us or you are one of our patients, you should know by now we are HUGE advocates for movement. We practice what we preach and we hold ourselves and our patients accountable to stay fit and and active.

Here is why we believe you need to keep moving:

  1. We need to keep our muscles and joints strong, flexible and mobile; the body is meant to move, not sit on a couch.

  2. Exercise is also great for the mind. It decreases stress, improves mood, improves sleep patterns and reduces unwanted weight gain, fatigue and stiffness of the body.

  3. Life will get back to a normal and when it does make sure your body is ready to for it! (Were are talking to you athletes :)) Get good at moving your body weight (squats, push-ups, pull ups, dips, etc.). Work on sports specifics skills and drills.

No matter where you are or what you do exercise is essential for a healthy body. We need to KEEP MOVING. It may not be the way you are used to right now. You might have to work out in your own living room, backyard. But don't stop moving. Everyday. Do something. Stretch, run, walk, bike...get creative and allow yourself to find freedom with movement!

If you are not sure where to look there are some great gyms out there doing FREE home workouts. Jump on them, keep your body moving! Locally in San Pedro, CA All Fit Gym San Pedro and Heyday Elite Fitness are doing Free workouts daily via FB Live. Contact them. Join in.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to reach out to us. We are here for you.

Yours in strength,

Dr. Brown & Dr. P

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