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Online Ankle Pain Program

Are you struggling with ankle pain that keeps you from enjoying your daily activities or achieving your fitness goals?


Our specialized ankle pain program is here to help.


At Physical Therapy San Pedro, we understand that ankle pain can prevent you from living your best life.


That's why Dr.Brown has developed this comprehensive program designed to guide you toward a pain-free lifestyle.

Why join?

- Expert-Led Exercises

- Customized Phases

- Supportive Community

- Results You Can Feel!


Ready to say goodbye to ankle pain?

What you can expect?


Recovering from ankle pain is a journey that requires patience, dedication, and the right guidance. That's why our physical therapy program for ankle pain is structured around four key phases of exercises, each designed to progressively restore strength, flexibility, and function to your ankle. From beginner to late stages, every phase builds upon the last, ensuring a safe and effective path back to full health.

Phase 1: Beginner

Objective: Reduce pain and swelling, and begin gentle mobilization.

In the initial phase, our focus is on alleviating your immediate discomfort and beginning the process of healing. Exercises in this phase are low-impact and designed to be accessible even when your ankle is at its most sensitive. We employ gentle range-of-motion exercises, light stretching, and isometric strengthening tasks to start activating the muscles around your ankle without placing undue stress on it.


Phase 2: Middle

Objective: Increase mobility and start building strength.

As your pain decreases and your ankle becomes more mobile, we introduce a wider range of exercises aimed at further improving flexibility and beginning to rebuild strength. This includes weight-bearing exercises performed with care, dynamic stretches, and stability exercises that challenge your ankle in safe ways, preparing it for more demanding activities.


Phase 3: Middle to Late

Objective: Enhance strength and introduce functional movements.

Building on the gains made in the second phase, the middle to late phase focuses on significantly increasing the strength of your ankle, as well as the muscles in your legs that support ankle function. You'll start engaging in more complex and challenging exercises, including resistance training and balance activities. Functional movements that mimic daily activities or specific sports are gradually incorporated, ensuring your ankle can handle real-life demands.

Phase 4: Late

Objective: Restore full function and prevent future injuries.

In the final phase, the goal is to restore your ankle to its full capacity. This means engaging in high-level strength, flexibility, and balance exercises that not only ensure your ankle is healed but also protect against future injuries. Advanced functional training tailored to your lifestyle or sport is emphasized, along with a comprehensive review of prevention strategies to keep your ankles strong and healthy long-term.

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